Science and Art Festival 2018 in the Institute of Pharmacology

The 17th Arts & Science Festival took place 17-19 May 2018.  Organized by Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University, the Festival presented a variety of lectures, presentations and workshops.

Each year the Institute of Pharmacology actively participates in the event. For this year’s edition IF PAN researchers  and PhD students prepared an attractive program, consisting of 14 topics. A series of lectures presented substantial scientific ideas related to neurobiology and pharmacology, such as medical marihuana, Parkinson’s disease or endocrine disrupting chemicals in our environment, in an easily accessible language. The participants were also invited to the institute laboratories, where they had an opportunity to observe and practice some laboratory tasks. The Science Festival in the IF PAN has been coordinated by dr hab. Agnieszka Wąsik.

Photo by Marta Hereta.

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