Editorial Department

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Dr hab. Grażyna Skuza
Head: Beata Kreiner

Dr Katarzyna Fijał

Pharmacological Reports publishing

Pharmacological Reports (ISSN: 1734-1140; e-ISSN: 2299-5684) is a peer-reviewed bimonthly journal aiming to publish high-quality scientific reports in the field of experimental and, to a smaller extent, clinical pharmacology. The journal presents the results of behavioral, biochemical, molecular and cellular research related to the mechanisms of action of biologically active substances with therapeutic potential. The materials are published in English in the form of original research articles, review articles, and occasionally conference abstracts.

In cooperation with "Elsevier" publishing house an electronic system for journal editing and publishing has been introduced. The project was supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the "Index Plus" programme. The system provides modern technology for manuscript submitting, streamlining the review process and facilitating the production of an electronic version of the journal. Antivirus and anti-plagiarism control of all files as well as the author's unique identification number (ORCID) have been implemented.

Recently, a number of innovations have been introduced to make the presentation of research results more attractive and to promote the journal more effectively:

  • AudioSlides: short, multimedia presentation, which gives the authors an opportunity to depict the main thesis of the work in their own words and promote the article.
  • Interactive 3D Models: a form of data visualization that allows better presentation of complex structures and mobile simulations.
  • Interactive Network Viewer: an option to supplement the publication by introducing interactive diagrams.
  • Virtual Microscope: a tool that allows to repeatedly magnify the high quality image, which enables readers to scrutinize details, previously unavailable.
  • Graphical Abstracts: a concise, graphical presentation of the work and an additional opportunity for an author to promote the article.
  • Highlights: a synthetic presentation of an article and an additional opportunity for an author to promote the results.

To shorten the publication process and make the journal content accessible online immediately upon publication, the articles are published in the "Articles-in-Press ahead of print" system.
In order to reach the largest possible group of readers, sale and distribution of the journal is carried out using a modern platform of the scientific, technical and medical profile, which offers a wide range of life science journals and a wide international scope in the "online content" format.
More details available at: http://www.journals.elsevier.com/pharmacological-reports/.

The articles published in Pharmacological Reports are presented in Biological Abstract (BIOSIS), Chemical Abstracts, Excerpta Medica (EMBASE), International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA), Polish Medical Bibliography (GBL), Index Medicus (MEDLINE), Index Copernicus, Biotechnology Abstracts, Scopus.
Pharmacological Reports is on the Journal Citation Reports list. Its current impact factor (according to JCR 2018) is 2.761.

Editorial Board:

  • Małgorzata Filip - editor-in-chief
  • Grażyna Skuza - deputy editor-in-chief
  • Beata Kreiner - secretary
  • Katarzyna Fijał - managing editor