Department of Drug Addiction Pharmacology

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  • , Professor Małgorzata Filip, PhD

  • , Professor Małgorzata Filip, PhD

  • Effects and potential mechanisms of action of dislufiram and nepicastat in morphine dependence in laboratory animal , Małgorzata Frankowska, PhD

  • , Professor Małgorzata Filip, PhD
  • The role of the mGlu5-D2 heterodimeric receptor complexes in the extinction of drug seeking behavior associated with dependents to psichostimulants (cocaine and MDMA): behavioral and biomolecular analyses in rats , Małgorzata Frankowska, PhD

  • Understanding cocaine addiction. A2A-D2 and A1-D1 heteromers as novel targets for cocaine action, Małgorzata Frankowska, PhD

  • Awarded internship founded by Leading National Research Center (KNOW), Institute of Pharmacology PAS, Małgorzata Frankowska, PhD
    Wednesday, 8 February 2017