Department of Phytochemistry

Our studies are focused on biologically active secondary metabolites from plants and plant tissue cultures, with special interest in compounds biosynthesized by the plants of Cichorieae and Inuleae tribes (Asteraceae family). Recently, we have been investigating formerly unexamined Lactuca species of African and Asian origin, in a search of antioxidative and anti-inflammatory compounds.


Scope of research:

  • plant secondary metabolites - isolation and structure identification/elucidation,
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis of bioactive compounds in a plant material,
  • regulation of plant metabolism in vitro and in vivo,
  • bioactivity assays,
  • tissue cultures of medicinal plants.


In cooperation with other research teams and institutions we perform analyses of selected compounds in a plant material of different origin, provide pure compounds for bioactivity evaluation and share plant materials for biological studies.
More publications
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More publications