Research technics

1H and 13C nuclear magnetic resonance (one- and two-dimensional techniques – HSQC, HMBC, COSY, NOESY)

5 choice serial reaction time test

ambiguous-cue interpretation test

ambiguous-cue interpretation test

analysis and interpretation of big genomic data-sets

analysis of ultrasonic vocalisations

attentional set shifting test

behavioral sensitisation

binary fingerprints

bioisosteric matrices

cDNA microarrays

centrifugally accelerated TLC

chronic psychosocial stress

cold plate test

colorometric evaluation of macrophage activity

conditioned place aversion

conditioned place preference

conventional column chromatography

direct organogenesis


docking with the presence of water molecules

drug self administration

DWB test

eleveted zero test

eozynophilic test

fear conditioning


Griess test

hairy root cultures



hypoosmotic test

immune cells tissue cultures

in vitro electrophysiology of neuroglia

in vitro electrophysiology of neurons

in vitro transfection

indirect organogenesis

induce fit docking

Iowa test

jugular vein implantation

linear combination of pharmacophore models

liquid chromatography

mass sectroscopy


model of neuropathic pain

model of osteoarthrosis pain

Morris water maze

neurochemically specific lesions

next-generation sequencing

PAM test

patch-clamp recordings

plant tissue cultures

prepulse inhibition

probabilistic reversal learning

processing of NGS data

protein microarrays

rat Slot Machine Task

resident intruder paradigm

reversal learning

simulated annealing

social interactions

spatial delayed alteration

spectroscopy UV-VIS


structural interaction fingerprints

support vector machine

tail flick test

thin-layer chromatography

TLDA microarrays

undifferentiated (callus and cell suspension) cultures

voluntary alcohol drinking

Von Frey's test

whole cell recordings