Laboratory of Pharmacogenomics

The research conducted in the Laboratory of Pharmacogenomics is focused on the identification of biological correlates and molecular mechanisms related to pharmacotherapy. Our goal is to indicate new druggable targets, indicators of treatment safety, and gene-drug interactions of clinical relevance.  The research concerns psychotropic drugs used in the treatment of depression, psychotic and anxiety disorders, and other psychoactive compounds. The studies are carried out at the level of genes, both in terms of differences in DNA sequence between humans as well as alterations in the transcript expression. We use bioinformatics tools for the analysis and interpretation of large genomic data sets. The results are obtained using next-generation sequencing technology (NGS), which enables the scale measurements of the full sequence of genomes and transcriptomes. High-throughput sequencing allows for both associative genetic studies as well as the measurement of changes in the expression level of different classes of RNA and genes isoforms.

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