Neurobus, an event of 2018 Brain Awarness Week in Kraków organized by dr hab. Rafał Ryguła along with Karolina Noworyta-Sokołowska and Anna Kozub (Affective Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, IF PAS) and a group of IF PAS scientists, was a unique initiative designed to popularize the most interesting discoveries in neuroscience on the board of a special bus travelling in the city. The program included unconventional lectures and workshops that familiarized the Neurobus passengers with brain anatomy and function, as well as neurobiology of mental phenomena. The researchers presented basic information regarding central nervous system diseases, research techniques and treatment methods. The participants had also an opportunity to practice simple exercises and techniques that positively stimulate the brain function as well as to take part in a variety of games and quizzes.

Neurobus was travelling around Krakow marketplace on March 17, 2018.

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