Pharmacokinetics of Psychotropic Drugs

Lecturer: Prof. Władysława Anna Daniel

ECTS points: 1 ECTS

The lecture covers the following topics:

Part I. The basics of pharmacokinetics (focus on psychotropic drugs)

  • fates of drugs in the organism;
  • different routes of drug administration (first-pass effects);
  • pharmacokinetic models (a concept of compartment);
  • pharmacokinetics after repeated administration (steady-state);
  • drug transport (distribution and elimination);
  • blood-brain barrier (anatomy and transporters);
  • drug interactions;

Part II. Drug metabolism and pharmacogenetics (focus on psychotropic drugs)

  • phase I and phase II of drug metabolism;
  • cytochrome P450 (nomenclature, structure, enzymatic activity);
  • physiological and pharmacological role of cytochrome P450;
  • pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics;
  • genetic polymorphism of cytochrome P450 isoenzymes;
  • genetic polymorphism of phase II drug metabolizing enzymes;
  • pharmacological and clinical consequences of polymorphic drug metabolism;
  • polymorphism in pharmacological receptors and drug transporters;  
  • genotyping and phenotyping;
  • pharmacogenetics of psychotropic drugs.