Non-PubMed papers

The photoelectric effect a hundred years later

Wszechświat t. 122, 4-6, 2021

A little thing, but gives a satisfaction – that is, about the use of nanoparticles in medicine and in industry

Kosmos, 2021, 70, 49-56.

The article discusses the current state of knowledge on the use of nanoparticles in medicine and in industry.

Bionics - the implementation of practical goals inspired by nature

Wszechświat t. 122, 1-3:54-58, 2021

The article discusses what bionics is and what practical applications it has. The reader will learn from the article, inter alia, whether a fungus can be made a brick?
Selected aspects of male infertility

Wszechświat t. 122, 1-3:59-65, 2021

The article discusses the problem of male infertility. The article attempts to answer the question whether infertility arises in the reproductive organs or in the brain.

Secondary Metabolism in Tissue and Organ Cultures of Plants from the Tribe Cichorieae

Stojakowska A., Malarz J. (2021) Secondary Metabolism in Tissue and Organ Cultures of Plants from the Tribe Cichorieae. In: Ramawat K.G., Ekiert H.M., Goyal S. (eds) Plant Cell and Tissue Differentiation and Secondary Metabolites. Reference Series in Phytochemistry. Springer, Cham.

Can SARS-CoV-2 virus cause mental illness as a complication of COVID-19disease – theoretical considerations

Wszechświat  t. 121, 7-9:213-218, 2020

The article presents theoretical considerations as to whether  late post-pandemic complications, in the form of mental disorders, may occur.

Lapses of memory

Wszechświat t. 121, 1-3:52-57, 2020

The article discusses in a concise way how we define lapses of memory, and distinguishes between physiological forgetfulness and dementia-type diseases. The article presents two diseases: Alzheimer's disease and post-traumatic stress disorder, as opposing diseases.

Human mind under microbiom control

Wszechświat t. 120, 10-12, 2019

The article presents microorganisms inhabiting the human body, and shows how they affect our psyche.

Aneta Fraczek-Szczypta, Danuta Jantas, Filip Ciepiela, Justyna Grzonka. Graphene oxide-conductive polymer nanocomposite coatings obtained by the EPD method as substrates for neurite outgrowth. Diamond & Related Materials 102 (2020) 107663.


"Wszechświat" t. 120, nr 7-9/2019

In the article empathy was discussed in philosophical, psychological and neurobiological approach.

Brain structures involved in empathy, neurotransmitters and diseases with altered empathy levels were presented.