Jakub Staroń, PhD

Jakub Staroń, PhD
Research assistant

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  • The role of halogen bonding in interaction of ligands with SERT. - 2017-04-01 - 2019-03-31
    The  aim  of  this  study  is  to  investigate the  role  of  halogen  bonds  (XB) in  binding  ligands  to serotonin
    transporter (SERT) and their influence on ligand selectivity over other receptors, in particular 5-HT6R and 5-HT7R. The basic scientific question in this project is: “Is it possible to increase ligand affinity to SERT by
    careful  design  and  introduction  of  a  halogen  bond  donor  into  ligand  structure?”. Additional  goal  is  the
    verification  of  hypothesis  that  appropriate  design  of  a  molecule  possessing  halogen  bond  donor(s)  it  is
    possible to create polypharmacological  molecule  with affinity for SERT and/or 5-HT6R, 5-HT7R. 5-HT6R
    and 5-HT7R were selected as additional targets as they were recently recognized as a very promising targets
    for  new  antidepressant  therapeutics  possessing  procognitive  properties.  To  the  best  of  our  knowledge
    substance simultaneously exhibiting affinity for SERT and 5-HT6R has never been reported before.