Joanna Rzemieniec, PhD

More publications
  • In search of new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of hypoxia-ischemia-induced brain damages. An article in Polish. NAUKA, 2016, 3:55-73. Kajta M, Rzemieniec J, Rużyłło W.

  • Impact of selective modulators of estrogen receptors and aryl hydrocarbon receptor on hypoxia/ischemia-induced apoptosis of neuronal cells - 2011-12-08 - 2014-12-08
    NCN PRELUDIUM Grant; 2011/01/N/NZ3/04786; 2011-2014.Principal Investigator: Joanna Rzemieniec
    The scientific supervisor of the project: Małgorzata Kajta
  • A Team Award of the V Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences for a series of 5 publications entitled "Identification of new molecular mechanisms involving the estrogen receptors and the receptors for xenobiotics in neuroprotection and neurotoxicity"
  • Second place in the competition for a popular science article "Can broccoli protect us against the consequences of a stroke?" - organizer of the competition Directorate of the Institute of Pharmacology PAS in Kraków
  • 3rd Central European Biomedical Congress Award for the Best Presentation entiled “Neuroprotective capacity of DIM against ischemia involves inhibition of AhR, but not ERα signaling”
  • Scholarship of the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowship
  • Junior Travel Grant of 2016 of the European Stroke Conference and European Stroke Foundation